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Good things come in "Threes"

Sharing some more exciting news for our Pear Tree Dentistry family... we are having our own little baby boom this year. Within the last couple months we have shared with all of you that Sarah and Lindsey are expecting their first little ones due this spring.

To add to the excitement, Dr John and his wife Kassie are expecting their second this Spring as well!

Here's a glimpse of Dr John's little guy - he's pretty cute already!

And here's big sister Lilly's emotion about finding out she's going to have a little brother. I think she might take some time to warm up to the idea... But in all seriousness, she seems to be a fan of the idea of a baby in mommy's belly so far. She has been practicing with her baby dolls rocking and burping babies and practicing her quiet voice.

We promise... no more pregnancy announcements for a while! We will keep you all posted as our newest little additions make their arrival this Spring. Thank you for sharing in our excitement with us!

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