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Implant Dentistry

An implant is a solution to missing teeth that most closely mimics the structure and function of a natural tooth. Dr. Skvorak works closely with the best oral surgeons and periodontists in the area to deliver exceptional care to patients needing a dental implant.

Once Dr. Skvorak and the oral surgeon or periodontist have decided that a patient is a good candidate for receiving a dental implant, the oral surgeon places the portion of the implant which replaces a tooth root. This portion of the implants is made out of titanium - the same material artificial joints are made of - which is biocompatible and allows for the bone to form a cellular attachment to the implant, a process called osseointegration.

After the titanium portion of the implant is placed, we allow time for healing to occur. Once healing has occurred, the implant can be restored. Dr. Skvorak uses the highest caliber labs to provide the patient with the most beautiful and natural replacement for a tooth.

Implants are used in a variety of situations, whether to take the place of an adult tooth that is congenitally missing, a tooth that has been extracted, multiple teeth that are missing or an entire arch that is edentulous (or without teeth). The implant solution for each patient may vary depending on their needs.


In the case where a patient is missing all upper or lower teeth, several implants may be placed to anchor a denture specially designed to fit over these implants. This allows a patient an alternative option to the conventional full denture, which many patients find to be poor replacement for natural teeth.

If a patient has several teeth in a row that are missing, but still has some teeth remaining in that arch, implants can be placed and a bridge custom fitted to replace several teeth all in a row.

If you are wondering if implant dentistry is right for you, call us or request an appointment to schedule a consult with Dr. Skvorak.

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