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Our Hygienist are Here to Help you Maintain your Oral Health

Pear Tree Dentistry is committed to providing exceptional dental care for the Greater Portland area. Exceptional dental care is comprehensive and encompasses procedures performed by the dentist, as well as preventive care provided by a dental hygienist.

Our hygienists are educated and trained to help you maintain your oral health. Your hygienist performs several assessments at every visit to evaluate your oral health and track any changes that have occurred. These assessments screen for areas of periodontal disease, potential decay, oral cancer and other oral conditions that can affect your health such as xerostomia (dry mouth) or halitosis (bad breath). Based on findings from these assessments, our hygienists tailor treatment to fit your specific needs and educate you so you are empowered to improve your oral health outside of the dental chair.


Regular visits to your dental hygienist helps maintain the health and appearance of your smile. Studies have shown that oral health has an effect on a person's overall health. Chronic gum inflammation can increase risk for systemic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, respiratory illness in the elderly, inability to regulate blood glucose in diabetics and premature, low birth-weight babies for pregnant women, just to name a few. Our hygienists take pride in helping you maintain your beautiful smile.

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