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Uses of Laser Therapy in Dental Treatment

Lasers are a relatively new technology to dentistry that are being utilized more for their great oral health benefits.

Dr. Skvorak and our hygienists have attended advanced training in laser technology and provide our patients with laser treatment options.

Many studies indicate that lasers "charge" the energy centers of cells and expedite post-treatment healing. In addition to accelerated healing, patients also experience less post-treatment discomfort even with invasive dental procedures. Laser technology allows the dental clinician to "disinfect" the gum area as the laser energy kills virulent strains of bacteria that can cause gum inflammation.

Our office uses a diode laser for various procedures. Our hygienists use the laser to decontaminate diseased and inflamed tissues after deeper cleanings or as an adjunctive tool to promote gum health.  The laser energy penetrates gum tissue, much like a flashlight beam, and is able to cause bacterial cell destruction, as well as super-charge the healthy cells to help with healing. Dr Skvorak uses the laser to reduce "gummy" smiles.

For any questions or for more information about lasers contact us.

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