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Digital Radiology

Radiographs, or x-rays, are an important piece of information to help your dentist make a complete diagnosis. Often times, a tooth can be suffering from a cavity or infection long before symptoms are present. X-rays can be a critical part to diagnose and intervene early. Early intervention means less time and money spent in the dental chair and more conservative dental treatment which is always better for the tooth.

Our office uses only digital x-ray technology. Digital x-rays have many benefits for our patients and staff. Digital x-rays use 1/5th the radiation compared to traditional film-based x-rays. We can take 5 of these x-rays and it is the equivalent radiation dose of one traditional film-based x-ray. Another advantage of digital x-rays is improved image quality. Additionally, we no longer use any of the harsh processing chemicals once required to develop traditional film-based x-rays, as the digital images appear within seconds on the computer. This has helped our office reduce pollution.

As always, we never take an x-ray that we do not feel is medically necessary. We always follow the "ALARA" standard - as low as reasonably acceptable. We treat all of our patients as individuals and tailor your specific x-ray needs to your personal history of dental disease.

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