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Breathe easy, with our clean air: JADE 5000C Filters

Back in March, as soon as our office shut down, Dr. Skvorak and Dr. John immediately started researching what we could do as a dental office, beyond what we were already doing, to help keep our patients and our staff as safe as possible when it came time to return. Before COVID-19, we considered ourselves experts on infection control already, but since returning during COVID-19 we have put in place even more protocols and safety procedures to keep our staff and patients safe. Not to bore you with each and every protocol we have in place, I will highlight just our latest and also our most impressive investment Dr Skvorak and Dr John have made in the health and wellbeing of our staff and patients, which is the purchase of a JADE 5000C air filter for each treatment room and a few more for other areas of our office.

Our JADE 5000C filters can filter out particles in the air that are as small as .03 microns (unlike most HEPA filters that will only filter particles that are at least 3 times bigger than an individual Corona virus).

To put this in perspective, an individual virion of COVID-19 is reportedly .12 microns. In other words, the JADE 5000C will filter out particles 4 times smaller than an individual Corona Virus, or roughly a fourth the size of the Corona Virus.  So this will easily filter even a single virus, unlike most HEPA filters that are about 3x too large to filter out Coronavirus particles. Additionally, it uses UVC light which can render the virus or bacteria inactive and a titanium dioxide core which also kills viruses and bacteria.  It also has a carbon filter to filter any odors in the air.The JADE units have been combined with changes to our HVAC system to provide directional airflow past the patient and operator where it can be collected and purified by the JADE 5000C unit. Our new filters can filter all the air in each of our operatories about 20 times every hour or once every 3 minutes. It is considered a MERV 17 filtration system - for reference, hospital operating rooms and clean rooms use MERV 17-20 filtration systems. We hope knowing about our new addition to our already careful and extensive infection control protocols and safeguards will help you breathe easier as you come in for your next appointment with us. Your health and comfort are our top priority as always and we are ready to do our part to keep you safe and healthy during these unprecedented times.

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