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  • Sam Turner, RDH

Going Greener...

Although due to infection control, no medical practice can go totally "green," we make an effort to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Without compromising standards of care or infection control, we reduce the amount of chemicals used by using digital x-rays. Traditional x-rays used harsh chemicals to develop the x-ray images. Digital radiology eliminates the need for these chemicals through the use of a sensor that sends the image immediately to the computer, where the x-ray image has greater diagnostic quality when compared to traditional x-rays.

We also purchase instruments that we are able to treat with heat and pressure to sterilize and re-use them when possible. Most recently, we have made the transition to going paperless by using an electronic clinical record.

As a staff, we enjoy the beautiful Southern Maine land and coast and do our best to keep it looking beautiful for future generations.

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