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Welcome to Our New Website!

Welcome and thank you for visiting our new website! Blogging is a new and exciting thing for us as an office. We started this blog because we wanted a way we could interact with our patients and the public more often. We plan to use our new blog to share news about what is going on within our little office family, information about oral health products we love, oral health topics and anything else dental related! Please use our comments section to respond to posts or ask questions.

First allow us to introduce ourselves to those of you who are not yet patients. For a long time, our patients and the Westbrook and surrounding communities have identified us by the name John Skvorak Jr, D.M.D. We found that Dr. Skvorak's last name can be a mouthful to say and spell for many people and understandably so. In 2010, when Dr. Skvorak moved his dental practice down the road to our beautiful new facility, he renamed our practice Pear Tree Dentistry for the ease of our patients.

Why name our practice Pear Tree Dentistry? Well, the old farm land that the new office was built on had many wild pear trees on the property. In the spring and summer, if you look towards the edge of the property, you can still see some wild pear trees growing. This is where we adopted our new name from. We also have several ornamental pear trees on our lawn.

Even though the name may sound new and a little unfamiliar to some of our patron patients, our office is still lead by Dr. Skvorak and our team is very much the same - with the exception of a few of our long time employees retiring in the past several years. We are still the same family friendly dental practice that Dr. Skvorak built many years ago and our practice still runs on the values it always has.

Our goal is to provide compassionate, individualized, exceptional care to our patients and to redefine the dental experience. We want our patients to feel comfortable in our office. We want them to be relaxed. We want them to ask questions when they don't understand or have a concern. We want to earn their trust and confidence. Most of all, we want our patients to know and feel that the care they receive at Pear Tree Dentistry is above and beyond the standard of care because our attention to detail and commitment to our patients well being is what sets us apart from the crowd.

We know our patients well and provide excellent, individualized care for each patient. We work hard to provide a clean, comfortable atmosphere for our patients. Our staff is incredibly friendly and compassionate and understand the challenges that each patient faces. Our providers are extremely skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced in their fields and always give each patient the time and attention deserved.

It is a privilege to be able to serve our wonderful, diverse, growing population of patients.

Please explore our new website where you will find information about us and may contact us, fill out your electronic forms, and request an appointment.

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