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Why we love MI Paste and MI Paste Plus

MI Paste and MI Paste Plus are tooth cremes that contain calcium, phosphate and fluoride to help strengthen your teeth. MI Paste and MI Paste Plus may be used for many reasons including:

- Decay prevention

- Sensitivity

- Orthodontic patients

- Oncology

- Gastric reflux

- Dry mouth

Infants, young children and special needs patients who may be unable expectorate (spit) the paste out after use may use MI Paste, but not MI Paste Plus. MI Paste does not contain fluoride, just the calcium and phosphate ions to help strengthen teeth by adding minerals to the tooth structure. MI Paste Plus contains 900 ppm of fluoride and should not be ingested, individuals who are unable to refrain from swallowing the fluoride should not use this product.

MI Paste or MI Paste Plus should be applied after brushing and flossing. Using a small pea sized amount, apply the creme to your teeth using your finger and spread around the surfaces of your or your child's teeth. Then allow the solution to sit in your mouth for 2 - 3 minutes without swallowing. Once a few minutes has passed, expectorate (spit) the MI Paste, without rinsing or drinking anything after for at least an hour. To get the maximum benefits of the MI Paste or MI Paste Plus, use right before bed to allow the fluoride and minerals to act on your teeth overnight.

If you typically use an antimicrobial mouth rinse such as Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHX) you should allow for 2-3 hours between using CHX and MI Paste or MI Paste Plus. CHX adheres to the tooth surface in the same way that MI Paste and MI Paste Plus does, so if used immediately in succession you will not get the full benefits of the product you are using.

If you have questions about MI Paste or MI Paste Plus or wonder if this would be a good product for you, ask your dentist or dental hygienist.

*MI Paste and MI Paste Plus should not be used by anyone with an allergy to milk as it contains small amounts of milk protein.

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